In this brickfilm, Luke Songwriter must go out to save the galaxy from boring, commercial music.

The maker, Grega, is a reader of this site and is happy to share his work with you. Here are some notes from him on how this work was created.

The creation

“I released my music album, SUI GENERIS, in the year 2021. As a child, I was a big fan of Lego and spent hours upon hours playing with them. Then, as I got older, like many AFOLs, I went through “the dark ages” 😂. When Corona struck, I suddenly had much more time due to my normally very busy schedule as a musician. I always had a dream to make a stop motion video for one of my compositions, and this was the perfect time and song to do it.

I started buying Lego Star Wars sets again and haven’t stopped since 😁. As of now, I already have 200+ of them 😂.

It took me about 4 months to complete the basic filming, set building, and other tasks. During the first three weeks, I spent time learning how to animate, perfecting proper lighting and green screen techniques, and working on the storyboard and creating scenes.

Once the practical part was over, I spent about another three weeks on video editing and post-production.”

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