Find Ideas for your Stop Motion Movie

Having an idea for a good story is sometimes not so easy. Here’s a collection of well-known stop motion movies and classic themes to inspire you.

Classic LEGO® Movie Topics

On YouTube, you’ll find a plethora of LEGO® stop motion movies. Many of them reproduce scenes from well-known films or tell alternative actions with familiar characters. This is mainly because there are official characters and LEGO® kits for many films, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings. In your stop motion movie, for example, let Voldemort win against Harry in a duel, or mingle the film universes and let Gandalf fight Darth Vader!

The biggest advantage of the Stop Motion technique is that there are no limits to your imagination. Use these possibilities and show things that would only be possible with a real movie with an enormous budget. Make wild car chases, devastate a city or show an epic battle for a knight’s castle!

A stop motion movie is also a perfect way to store memories. Film the LEGO version of special moments in your life as a journal or as a great gift!


Stop Motion with LEGO characters has become a veritable Internet trend lately, so there is no lack of inspiration on the well-known video portals like YouTube and Vimeo. Here are some very good examples.

This video shows a laser sword duel with LEGO figures. Creating such a video is very complicated and tedious, since the laser swords and blasters have to be added later to the computer.

440 hours of work behind this exact copy of the famous rooftop scene from the movie “The Matrix”. All effects were realized without digital tricks.

Find your style

LEGO stop motion movies do not all look the same, on the contrary. Even the size and style of the characters can give the film a completely different look. Here are four different types of characters for your brickfilm. Microscale (figures of only a few small bricks), normal minifigures, mini-land size or detailed dolls.

Different LEGO figure styles
Different LEGO figure styles

The bigger your figures are, the more precise movements and facial animations you can do. At the same time, the set has to be larger, which means more effort.

But even very small characters can tell an interesting story, such as in the movie “Ah” by Studio Shelter. The figures here consist only of individual LEGO bricks. The movie and an analysis can be found in this expert article.

Think about which style you like best and how best to tell your story. Then you’re ready for the next step: the script!

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